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Proudly serving your electrical, data-com needs for over 40 years!

Executive Team 

Howard Elman - President

Michael Molloy  - Board Member

Peter Lambiaso - Sr. Executive VP

John Randazzo - Executive VP

Sales and Support Team 

Michael First- VP

Andrew Swinton - VP

Jose Azcona - VP

Mike Monteleone - VP of Operations

Blade Seecharan- Warehouse Logistics Coordinator

Peter Moy - Warehouse Manager

Jackie Smith - VP of Marketing

John Waller - Controller

Mary Jimenez- Assistant Controller

Arif Dhannie - Inside Sales

Joseph Rook - Inside Sales

Yokasta Azcona - Accounts Receivable

Cindy Segarra  - Office Administrator 

Peter Lin - IT Manager

Outside Sales Team

Michael First -                        516-250-4871

Andrew Swinton -              347-480-0986 

Barbara Marino -               516-457-6068

Peter Lambiaso -           917-359-6270

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